Our House of Common Weeds is an exhibition curated by Nathalie Boobis that opens on 27 October 2017 at Res. in London. 


It is based on the premise that the future in waiting has been designed without full participation. Using the future as a tool of fiction for asserting marginalised ideas and practices, the exhibition includes work by five artists that together propose a world that gives primacy to communality, the domestic sphere, disenfranchised voices and knowledge.

The exhibition is a manifestation of a collaborative research project that  aims for an inclusive and creative framework for discussion around and action towards a more fulfilling present, and thus future. It is based around the following question:


‘Are we carrying the right tools to shape the future we want and need?’

This has been explored in sessions of The Future is a Collective Project, a public research group that began in 2016 and continues to inform the project.


Our House of Common Weeds is 5 commissions by 5 artists made through collaborative research with groups whose voices are usually absent in the art world. Each of the artist's research in process will also be presented at session of The Future is a Collective Project to enable further input in the realisation of their work.



Verity Birt


Carl Gent

Anna FC Smith

Andrea Williamson

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Our House of Common Weeds, 2017. Credit: Tim Bowditch